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PPE Factory


Since 1962 PPE Factory is one of the most important worldwide manufacturers of personal protective equipment, that protects the user against, heat, radiation heat, cuts, puncture, mechanical hazards, etc.

Our brands Heatbeater and Glassbeater are known in more than 50 countries and stand for innovation, security, comfort and
trust. To offer our clients the highest level of protection, quality and comfort, we work constantly at developing new yarns, woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, coatings, Liners, etc.

All yarns, fabrics, coatings and liners have been made to meet the highest standards according to EN 388, EN 407, EN ISO 13997, EN ISO 11612.

Through the use of new techniques and (biological) materials, we can offer, besides the high level of protection, a high level of comfort so that the user feels confident in his often high risk work condition.